We Get It. You Love Zouk.

Dancing it sexy... and challenging! You can get information overload with all the positions, rotations, directions, styling... for every joint in your body, for every dance step, and for every dance you know. It’s hard to remember everything. We're here you help.


Learn dancing by dancing, not watching! Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality to recreate a social event, a group lesson, private lesson teaching, a performance hall, and multiple other locations.


Avoid traffic, scheduling conflicts, time availability, class costs, and having to put on pants. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Review steps on your mobile device.


Pause, slow or fast forward. Review steps and styling from any angle, practice without a partner, try a new dance style or fast forward to the patterns that you don't already know.

 Our Story

Our Story

I was dumped at the prom. Why? Because I had never danced a single step, and bored my date to tears. I don't blame her. I should have learned, but dancing was too intimidating.
In college, on a dare, I took my first dance lesson. I stepped on a girl's toes making them bleed within the first 10 minutes. I tried to leave immediately, but she said "Come back! It's just a flesh wound!" Less that 6 months later I became president of the University's dance club. I'm now a professional dance instructor.
Dancing is hard, but it's a skill. And skills can be learned. I want to help the world avoid my mistakes and make dancing parts of their lives as soon as possible. My way to reach out to the world is through Virtual Reality.

Our Team

We are a mix of technology and artwork, of engineering and imagination, of doers and dreamers and performance and styling.
Jorge Ortiz
Jorge Ortiz
Founder & CEO
Rebekah Diaz
Rebekah Diaz
Chief Strategist

What Are People Saying?

Everyone is excited about the possibilities that Virtual Reality opens for new and experienced dancers.

Curious about how the VR dance experience might look like?